Final of Three EnChanted Evenings, August 21

“We’re about to enter the twilight zone – a lunar month that begins with a Leo New Moon, which grows into a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo and ends with another Leo New Moon that is also a powerful Solar Eclipse.
“This is the month when we reclaim our heart’s power to transform our life with love.
“This is a month to open to the power of creation and let it rip through our psyches until we are breathless with the fun and wonder of the Light. This is the month to step into our heart’s power.
Mystic  For full reading: 

In honor of the powerful New Moon July 23 , Full Moon on August 7 with partial Lunar Eclipse, and New Moon with Full Solar Eclipse on August 21  I will be chanting on the three MoonDay nights, July 24, August 7, and August 21, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Chrysalis studio, 111 Moran Way.

The power of our intention when we chant mantra on the Full and New Moon and especially on the Eclipse is multiplied many fold.  Join me for the simple practice of chanting.  From the ancient Gayatri, combined with the Tryambaka for transition from life to death, to the Peace pact, the Mangala mantra for Well Being of all, and the complex Hanuman Chalisa, we will raise our voices and breath, and send our powerful intention out into the universe.
Donation only.  Bring a friend.  Let me know if you will be here so I can plan accordingly.
It is a powerful time to support one another in our becoming and to sing our hearts out.
When we chant.sing, we pray twice.  Unknown.

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