Spiritual Guidance

The spiritual path – is simply the journey of living our lives.
Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don’t know it.
~ Marianne Williamson


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.
~ Izaak Walton
Spiritual Guidance:
Spiritual guidance is a process of sharing your spiritual journey with a guide who can help to interpret the markers along the way and navigate the difficult passages.  A companion on the journey.  A guide who has walked the path as well and is familiar with various navigational resources and techniques to help discern the way.

The whole purpose of spiritual direction is to penetrate beneath the surface of our lives, get behind the façade of conventional gestures and attitudes which we present to the world, and draw out our inner spiritual freedom.

-Thomas Merton

Sherry Cassedy earned a certificate in Spiritual Guidance from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University) in 2006.  She brings an eclectic spiritual background to her practice and welcomes seekers of any religious or spiritual traditions.
Sliding Scale: $40-$100 per session; Group Guidance and Retreats as agreed.

Sherry offers:

  • Individual Spiritual Guidance
  • Couples Guidance
  • Group Guidance
  • Spiritual Retreats